I had known this girl Lisa for several months; we met through a friend. We got along good and had fun together, so I finally worked up the courage to ask her on a date. It was the typical uninspired dinner-drinks-movie combo, which I know is lame on my part. Still, the date started off with her complaining about her family issues at home. Okay, not a great start, but I understand having a bad day. We then move on to dinner, have a meal with small talk, and move on to the bar to have a few drinks before the show starts. Turns out, she knows the bartender quite well, and they go on to have a 20 minute conversation as if I’m not even there, despite me introducing myself and trying to get in on the conversation. They were also very familiar with each other, casual touching was going on, etc. At this point, I just throw more drinks down my throat so I can at least try to forget what a horrible date I’m on, lol!

I remember way back when I was in high school and had a crush on one of the hottest (I thought so at least) girls in school. We had a few classes with each other and over the course of the school we got to know one another a bit. Nothing major just chit chat walking to class here and there occasionally sitting with each other at lunch if we couldn’t find any of our respective clicks to sit with. As the end of the school year was approaching so was that horribly awkward time when every guy was expected to man up and ask some girl to the prom. My whole high school career I had been dreading this moment in time. Ya see I have never been quite the lady killer if ya know what I mean. I was that one guy who girls always likened me to their brother not the guy they wanted to hook up with after the game at some keger in the woods. As the time was quickly approaching to make a fool of myself I could only think of one girl that was worth receiving the inevitable rejection from. Ya guessed it, the hot chick that I had gotten to know over the year. So one day I gathered the courage up approached the hot girl and popped the question, will ya goto prom with me? The answer came quick and swift “I would if I wasn’t gay.” Now I had been turned many times before but never like that. “I would if I wasn’t gay”, I had no idea if she was telling the truth or not but I wasn’t going to ask. Needless to say I spent prom at home playing Donkey Kong on my No-friend-o.


October 24th, 2012 by Student14 (Gahanna, Ohio)

When I was a junior in high school, I had a crush on one of my close girl friends. She was very smart, funny, and we had been friends for a while. After starting to talk to her more and flirting with her, I couldn’t hide my true feelings any longer. I asked her out to prom to go as “just friends” so that neither of us would go dateless and we could spend the night together and have fun. She told me that she did not think that it was a good idea because she did not want to give others the wrong impression of us and did not want to lead me on. I ended up telling her how I really felt about her and my feelings, but she told me she did not feel the same way. She wanted to remain friends, but she did not feel the same way about me. She also told me she did not want to date in high school because people move away, which I told her I understood. After a couple weeks, I was getting over her when I found out that she had started dating one of her other close guy friends. I was torn because although she was my friend and I cared for her, she told me she did not want to be dating anyone and then ended up dating someone. Although she is still my friend, I felt betrayed by her and decided not to get involved with her romantically anymore because she did not feel for me like I felt for her. She is a nice girl, but she didn’t think we were made to be together.

The Wrong Impression

March 6th, 2012 by Ty (Columbus, Ohio)

Once in high school I really liked a girl in my grade. She was very intelligent and was a hard worker. We were good friends but since I liked her, I asked her to go to prom as just friends. She said no because she did not want to give others the wrong impression of us since we were not dating and she did not feel that way about me. I later told her about my feelings for her but she said that she didn’t and couldn’t feel the same way I did, but still wanted to be friends.

Well I had this huge crush on this beautiful girl in high school. She also kind of had a thing for me! Well we decided we were too cool for the senior prom… at least I thought we decided that. Some jerk asked her to the prom and she said yes. Wow. I was so sad and angry and hormonal. After many nights of bad dreams and cold sweats, I ran to my father and asked him to rent me a Tuxedo. It must have been the day before the prom. I showed up nervous and sweaty and upset, and saw my future girlfriend dancing with this guy. I watched it for a good forty-five minutes before I ran out and took a cab home. The sad thing is that she probably would have rather been there with me, but I was too much of a baby to see it.

There was a girl I used to like in college. We were classmates and hung out a few times, even kind of going on a date before. She even invited me over to her place once and cooked dinner for me. So, obviously all signs were pointing towards the fact that she liked me so I got ready to ask her to be my girlfriend. One night when I was sending her back home, I stopped outside her apartment to let her off. I also decided to gather some courage and tell her I liked her and be my girlfriend. She gave me a weird look and just ran out the car without saying a word. I was absolutely shocked and I never heard from her again.

The Only Guy

August 13th, 2011 by Paul (Brookline, MA)

I work in a small office with all women, and we were recently at a staff picnic for our company. The topic of conversation turned to office romance, and some of my coworkers started counting off all of the times in the past when people from the company had dated. After listing about half-a-dozen couples, at which point I was no longer in the conversation (but still obviously within earshot), one of them said “no wonder that never happens anymore; the office is all women, and HE’s the only guy [gesturing to me].” Thanks.