I met a man online named Carl. Carl described himself as tall, medium build and handsome. He sent me pictures and we talked for months. One day we were talking on the telephone and we decided to be spontaneous and meet each other the next day. We decided upon a time and place and made plans for the following day. I spent a couple of hours getting ready and trying to shake off the butterflies in my stomach. I got in my car and traveled to the agreed upon destination. I picked a table in the restaurant and waited for my tall handsome man to walk in. After about ten minutes a man walked up to me. I thought this man was lost. I asked him if he needed my help with something and he said no sweetie I am Carl and it is nice to finally meet you. I believe that my mouth hit the ground. Carl was not my Carl. This Carl was about 5 foot ten and chunky. On top of all this he was balding. I hurried through dinner and changed my phone number afterwards.

I met this guy online and he was cute so I agreed to go out with him. I met him at his place. He asked if I liked coffee and I said no, so he took me to a coffee house. I had to sit and listen to him ramble on while he drank his coffee. Then he took me back to his place, which turns out was his mom’s place. He introduced me to his mom on the first date, then toured me around the house and to his room, and on his dresser was the biggest pair of panties I have ever seen. I could not wait to get out of there, and I never went out with him again.

The Ice Cream Man

December 3rd, 2011 by Amarillys (San Diego, CA)

One time in college, I was walking around my dorm’s recreation center looking for a friend to go get some ice cream with. I eventually ended up running into an acquaintance I knew had a thing for me. When I told him I was looking for a buddy to go get some dessert with, he offered right away to drive me to the Dairy Queen a couple miles away. In my head, I knew this was a bad idea, but I decided to go along with it anyway. After making me wait an hour so he could finish his game of pool, he found me to tell me he was ready for our “date.” I cringed at that word. Turns out, he was really waiting for one of his friends to take us to a party I never agreed to go to. Luckily, we never made it to the party. I was able to convince my “friend” that I really just wanted some ice cream and to head back to the dorm. This guy was not understanding me and drove me to the nearest Rite Aid so I could get HIM some strawberry ice cream. I was not happy, but I agreed since he was my ride back to school. To make a long story short, I paid for the ice cream, got dragged to the beach, heard his stories of how he got arrested, he fell asleep on me, he tried to get me to “check out the new seats in the back of his car”, was sang horribly to, and then I was asked to go out on a second date the following Saturday. I quickly got out of the car and ran away. I should have just called it a night and skipped the ice cream.

The Liar

November 28th, 2011 by Nunu (Dallas, Texas)

I met a guy on a dating website and he claimed to be a big time radio personality, millionaire and famous. I thought it sounded bogus, but he sounded so confident in what he was saying I just didn’t think it possible that someone could make up something in such detail and not have any guilt about lying about virtually everything about himself. When I met him he bought me a gift, which was a phone, which I thought was a little bizarre to bring as a gift, but I just dismissed it and thought maybe he was just trying to be nice. Secondly, (which just to be clear I do not care what kind of car he drives) he told me he would be picking me up in a mercedes benz. He picked me up in a kia. Long story short, he lied about everything. I know I should have known better, I just didn’t think someone could be that creepy to go to those lengths to make up such a bogus story. Turns out I was on was on every girl’s nightmare date, the guy who is a pathological lier. One thing I learned is to trust your gut instinct if someone sounds too good to be true just say goodbye and never look back!

the gay bar

June 19th, 2011 by creepy? (cambridge, ma)

i went with a friend to a gay bar last night; i’m not gay, but he and his friends told me that there are plenty of women who go, and that straight guys do really well, since the women are friendlier and there is little competition. he was right that there were plenty of women. he and i started dancing near a group containing a really cute woman; she looked over, wrinkled her nose, and walked away. apparently, i’m even creepy in a gay bar.