I was visiting a friend in New York City who suggested that I go out on a blind date with one of his coworkers. He didn’t tell me much about her, except that her name was Marissa and she was average height, blonde, and attractive. Being that she was interested in the same things as me, I didn’t really think to ask for defining features: I was just so excited to go out on a date after being single for so long. I arrived at the bar my friend told me about and was looking around. Every girl there was blonde and seemed to make eye contact with me, so I kept saying, “Are you Marissa?” They all kept rolling their eyes and walking away from me. Finally, this girl said, “Yes, I am. I’ve been waiting!” She was cute, so I offered to buy her a beer and we got to chatting. Not even five minutes later, this huge football player looking guy taps me on my shoulder. “That’s my girl,” he yells. I look at him, and then at Marissa, and then back at him. I said, “No, we’re on a date.” He looked at her and said, “Samantha, you’re seeing this guy behind my back?” I realized this strange girl was not my blind date at all, but someone milking me for a drink. Then the linebacker threw a punch and I was on the bar floor in moments. Just as the bartender kicked me and the other guy out, I clutched a bloody nose and saw a very attractive looking woman avoid my eye. I later found out that was, in fact, my blind date. Needless to say, she never got in touch with me for another try.

Some guy I had a crush on all 4 years of high school finally asked me out on a date. I was so excited, I was telling friends and family about the good news, and losing sleep over it every night from the excitement! We talked for a week, until it was the night of our date. We planned out that he was going to pick me up at 8, and we would go for a dinner and a movie. I was looking very forward to this because I have liked this guy for so long. So we went out to a very fancy restaurant, the date was going great! I couldnt of asked for it to go any better! We were at the restaurant for about an hour before his phone rang off the hook! Every time he answered the call, and it sounded like he was fighting with his mom or something. I thought it was very rude he would even answer the phone during our date, let alone fight with someone for 25 minutes right in front of me! Anyway, so after we got done eating we left and we were on our way to the movie. His phone rang about 3 more times and he ignored it. I was extremely surprised when we did not pull into the movies, but we pulled into some random drive way that I didn’t even know. A girl our age came out and him and her started fighting, and she looked at me and got me involved by calling me very rude names, saying I was trying to take her boyfriend! I asked him what was going on and it turned out that was his girlfriend, and he asked me out on a date to get her jealous because they were fighting! I had to get my own ride home from her house.


December 1st, 2012 by Smoke Stack (Tacoma)

My Best friend in the world knew that we both had a thing for each other, But we hid it from everyone by covering it up with having a significant other of our own. We still talked and hung out, plus we are both DJ’s and we had many gigs together. Until one strange day last January, My Significant other at the time had left some information on my laptop that made me suspect he was cheating on me. I was with my best friend, getting ready for a gig and i called him. I asked him if it was true and he told me it was. Not even ten minutes later, My best friends Girlfriend told him that she was also cheating on him. Me and My Best friend/current boyfriend have been together a year now. Thank you cheating losers for bringing us together!

Desperate Times

August 26th, 2012 by Musicality (Westminister, CO)

After being single for some time, I decided to let a guy I had been acquaintances with take me out, despite the fact that I wasn’t physically attracted to him at all (we all know it matters). He showed up at my house in a t-shirt with stains on it, and wanted to go to a park so we could “actually talk” since a movie doesn’t really lend itself to talking. Of course, this also indicates, “I have no money to take you out.” After a bit of time sitting in a park chatting, he took me back home. Luckily, he didn’t try for a kiss or anything, but he proceeded to ask me to be his girlfriend many times over the next several weeks. I finally had to turn my “No, thanks, I’m busy” into the blunt “I don’t really like you.” He asked me out several times after that.

the other man

March 17th, 2012 by Mavericks80 (Tyler, TX)

This young woman and I were both attracted to each other and we went on several dates. She seemed interested in me and I was interested in her. At the time I thought it may last for a while. She seemed to be having fun. Then one day out of the blue a man called my house and said that he was this young woman’s boyfriend and threatened to hurt me if I continued to see her. I was in shock. She later admitted to having another guy and laughed about it. It hurt my feelings quite badly. Our friendship and relationship subsequently ended.

My girlfriend and I split up during the spring. We had dated for three years during college. It was a serious relationship that I thought would last forever. I wanted it to. After the split, communication between us was minimal. I would send texts and emails occasionally professing my feelings, etc. Fast forward to this past summer and things seemed liked they were looking up. We were communicating more frequently and talking about things that we could improve if we were to get back together. One weekend while she was at home with her parents (which was four hours away from my location), we planned to go camping and spend some quality time together. We were to talk about another potential future together. That weekend came and I drove the four hours to see her. I was excited at the idea of talking things out and getting back with her. The first day and night we set up camp and did things together; everything seemed great. It was like old times. The next day we were planning an activity. I took a shower and once I finished she said that I should go home. It caught me off guard as I thought things were looking up. I drove four hours home flabbergasted. She wouldn’t return my calls and I discovered she blocked me from Facebook. All I wanted was a clear explanation. I soon found out that my best friend knew that she was also seeing someone else on the side that I did not know about.

the other woman

December 7th, 2011 by Fay (Jacksonville,FL)

I dated this boy Joe for a few months and all of his previous girlfriends were really uncomfortable with this friend Katie he had. I was more laid back then alot of them and didn’t really seem to think of her as much of an issue. After being the first girl that let him talk to her in a few months he ended up dumping me for her and now they have been dating for half a year.

Wait, that sounds like…

November 24th, 2011 by Anna (Georgetown, DC)

I spent a year dating a man who I loved dearly. One semester in college I met a girl and became friends with her. One day we were describing our significant others. She was explaining her boyfriend’s field of work, I shockingly told her my boyfriend did the same field of work. After half an hour of talking we realized it was the same person!