I would consider myself a pretty attractive guy. I have no problem picking up women or getting a date but sometime my work schedule is crazy. For one business proposal I had to leave the country for about 2 months, flying back and forth from Japan. I never had time for dates. After coming home , my friends told me they had a nice blind date for me. Usually there taste in women is similar to mine so I thought why not. I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I picked this girl up she was dressed horrible. Her hair was all over and I don’t even know what she was wearing. Her face was pretty and her body was my type but everything else just screamed disaster to me. So she gets in the car and says hello. She has the raspiest man voice I’ve ever heard on a woman. I asked if she was joking around, she wasn’t and right then it got off to a bad start. At the restaurant this girl just sat and drank everything. She had at least 6 drinks in her by the time the food came and she was drunk. She kept telling me she was going to take me back to my place and have her way. I said that’s not happening. She then got up in a drunken rage and started crying in the middle of the restaurant. The she slammed her plate on the floor. Food was everywhere. I got up and left. I left the girl right on the floor of the restaurant. I immediately got in my car and went straight to my friends house. When I got there they were all laughing because they knew what they had done. One of my friends had met the girl in a bar and knew she was crazy. They thought it would be hilarious to stick me with her. To this day I still haven’t got them back.


September 3rd, 2012 by bklynzgirl11 (Brooklyn, NY)

My best friend set me up with an acquaintance from work. She explained him to me and i said he sounds pretty good, so sure I’ll go on a date with him if he’s willing. Two days later, I get a phone call from the guy. He tells me it would be nice to go on a date with me so we made plans to go out the Saturday night coming up. Saturday comes a long, he picks me up and we go to a restaurant in New York City. We started talking and everything was going good.. until he asks me about my ex. So I tell him why we broke up etc. He then proceeds to tell me that he was a jerk and was stupid to let me go. I was thinking “man this guy is really nice”. Suddenly, I feel something touching my leg under the table. I look up at him and he smiles and tells me he’s a stripper and that we should get out of here and have some fun. I got up and ran out the restaurant. Appalled, I call my friend and tell her what happened, she was surprised to here that and apologized like crazy. All I could think of was thank God we didn’t even kiss because God only knows what he had. NEVER AGAIN will I allow my friends or anyone for that matter to set me up with anyone under any circumstances and I don’t care if he’s the President’s son, I will NOT agree to any more blind dates especially after the “lovely” experience I had that Saturday night. And I will not ever forget that date for as long as I live and neither will my friend because I still complain about it till today.

It’s a wonder he doesn’t get our more often.

February 28th, 2012 by Pinky (Chicago, Illinois)

My worst dating experience was with a man I met through a mutual friend and was set up with on a blind date. To start off within ten minutes of meeting him he belched right in my face and did not even think to apologize. I brushed this off but already had a negative first impression. Then when we began talking all he did was mention himself and all his sparkling accomplishments. I could hardly get a word in edge wise. He ate very sloppily, spilling his spaghetti all over his shirt and chewing with his mouth wide open, talking as he did so. To top it all off at the end of the night he did not even pay for my bill. Needless to say, a second date did not ensue.

My Prom Date

January 20th, 2012 by Meg (Albany, NY)

When I was a senior in high school I was really excited about prom and the date prospects. I had a date but only weeks before the prom him and his girlfriend had gotten back together and naturally wanted to go together as they were both seniors as well. Last minute I had a friend set me up so I didn’t have to go alone. My date couldn’t have been any less interested which was rough because a girl takes so much time preparing for prom. To prove how uninterested in me he was he refused to dance or talk and at our friends after party he ended up making out in the corner with a friend of mine. The only thing that taught me was to never go on a blind date again.

Single and desp.

September 13th, 2010 by NoBlindDates (Boston, MA)

When your grandparents set you up on a blind date and you actually agree it is clear that desperate times call for desperate measures. I was halfway through my second year of college and staying with them over holidays in Florida. I was also single and pretty much failing at meeting anyone. My grandmother told me that she knew of a young man who was staying with his grandparents at a nearby community. All of the 90 year old women she was playing bridge with insisted that they kept mistaking him for a Greek god as he lounged by the pool studying for his GRE’s. Their words, not mine. How romantic…and perverted. So I agree to go on the date, and the gentleman in question was absolutely boring and socially awkward- we went out to dinner and a movie, and during dinner he went over the bill item by item with the waitress to make sure everything was correct and we were not overpaying. Also, reports on his physique had come through the lens of 1950’s America and he was in fact quite flabby. So while I was unimpressed during our date, I assumed that the feeling could not be mutual and that he must be awed and impressed by how amazing and attractive I was compared to him. What a lucky guy! At the end of the night I decided to throw him and bone and give him a kiss. Turns out, he must have thought I was pretty unpalatable too because he pushed me away and gave me a look of total disgust, followed by him shaking his head to say no. Honestly, the look of disgust was enough; did he really have to shake his head too?

the “college guys”

September 8th, 2010 by lenny (Rochester, NY, USA)

In college, a friend of mine (who didn’t have a car) asked me if I’d drive him to a date he had several towns over. I didn’t really want to, so I said “sure, if your date has a friend for me,” and thought that was the end of it. The next day, my friend announced that it was now a double date. Despite my misgivings, I drove us to meet the two girls. What I didn’t know at the time, was that they were in high school; my date was about 15 (I was 19). She and my friend’s date spent the whole time gossiping together about the girls at their high school, and imagining what everyone would say when they announced they had been out with two “college guys” over the weekend. Several months later (after I had almost forgotten the whole thing), my friend told me that my date form that evening wanted me to go with her to prom at her high school. Needless to say, I declined.