I had known this girl Lisa for several months; we met through a friend. We got along good and had fun together, so I finally worked up the courage to ask her on a date. It was the typical uninspired dinner-drinks-movie combo, which I know is lame on my part. Still, the date started off with her complaining about her family issues at home. Okay, not a great start, but I understand having a bad day. We then move on to dinner, have a meal with small talk, and move on to the bar to have a few drinks before the show starts. Turns out, she knows the bartender quite well, and they go on to have a 20 minute conversation as if I’m not even there, despite me introducing myself and trying to get in on the conversation. They were also very familiar with each other, casual touching was going on, etc. At this point, I just throw more drinks down my throat so I can at least try to forget what a horrible date I’m on, lol!

Why I ordered 100 beers

January 29th, 2013 by cyclone (Ames, IA)

When I was in college I dated a girl for a 2 months, she didn’t see a future in it so she dumped me. Then about 6 weeks later I ran into her in a bar. We got to talking and dancing, then while on the dance floor she grabbed me pushed me up against the wall and tried to remove my tonsils with her tongue. Well her friends had to go so we agreed to go to a movie in 2 days. I picked her up and she barely spoke but we went to the movie anyway, about half way through I went to put my arm around her and she got up and moved over 2 seats. Well I decided to cut my losses, when the movie ended I walked outside and said have a good life and left her standing out in front of the theater. I walked around the corner to my favorite bar where it was nickle draw night and slapped down a fiver on the bar and said give me 100 beers. I then called 3 of my buddies and commenced to drink all 100 beers while discussing the complexities of women.

I was visiting a friend in New York City who suggested that I go out on a blind date with one of his coworkers. He didn’t tell me much about her, except that her name was Marissa and she was average height, blonde, and attractive. Being that she was interested in the same things as me, I didn’t really think to ask for defining features: I was just so excited to go out on a date after being single for so long. I arrived at the bar my friend told me about and was looking around. Every girl there was blonde and seemed to make eye contact with me, so I kept saying, “Are you Marissa?” They all kept rolling their eyes and walking away from me. Finally, this girl said, “Yes, I am. I’ve been waiting!” She was cute, so I offered to buy her a beer and we got to chatting. Not even five minutes later, this huge football player looking guy taps me on my shoulder. “That’s my girl,” he yells. I look at him, and then at Marissa, and then back at him. I said, “No, we’re on a date.” He looked at her and said, “Samantha, you’re seeing this guy behind my back?” I realized this strange girl was not my blind date at all, but someone milking me for a drink. Then the linebacker threw a punch and I was on the bar floor in moments. Just as the bartender kicked me and the other guy out, I clutched a bloody nose and saw a very attractive looking woman avoid my eye. I later found out that was, in fact, my blind date. Needless to say, she never got in touch with me for another try.

Too Touchy

November 29th, 2012 by Caroline (Austin)

I was out with a friend from college who had come to visit me for the weekend. Excited to catch up, we went to the bar to have just a couple drinks. Chatting away, my friend and I were soon joined by two guys who came over saying they were bored with their regular friends. We, being friendly, scooted over to let them join and to see what this conversation was going to be like. One guy sat next to me and quickly began telling me about his life, undergrad degree, and research he was interested in. While what he was saying was vaguely interested, I could not help but be extremely distracted by his incessant touching. He went from my arm, to my lower back, to my shoulder, and one even my cheek. I was feeling very uncomfortable and tried sending very clear body signals that he should stop like flinching, scooting away from him, and so on. Not really getting the hint, the guy carried on. Finally, I worked up my nerve and told him he must stop. “I am interested in what you are saying but I am not really touchy feely and you are making me so uncomfortable,” I stated to this stranger. Offended by my obvious overreaction (or what he thought) to his invasion of personal space, he stomped off after telling me I was weird for not liking to be touched.

The Creepy Doctor

February 24th, 2012 by Ronnie (Chicago, IL)

I guess my first mistake was meeting a guy on myspace. You live and learn. 5’10” turned out to be 5’4″ with lifts in his shoes and the thick curly hair from his 10 year old picture must have fallen out of his head and multiplied on the visible parts of his body. He literally had a sweater growing out of his t shirt. Looks aren’t everything but sadly the personality was not much better. He made a point of mentioning that he was a doctor repeatedly and that he drive a BMW. Bully for you but enough bragging. He made a big deal that he’d be buying the drinks, and I could “wink wink” (he actually said wink wink) pay him back later. He actually had the nerve to put his hand on my thigh after this. Now, I know, myspace, but my profile wasn’t racy in the least and stayed that I was a kindergarten teacher at a Catholic school so I don’t think I had this coming. I paid him back by excusing myself to the bathroom. I then excused myself all the way to my car and home. I blocked him from my account. Now I know never use myspace as a dating site.

At Least He Paid the Bar Tab

January 4th, 2012 by Sara (Atlanta, Georgia)

This was the worst date I ever went on. I had met this person through friends at work. He asked me out to dinner. He picked me up on time and we went downtown to a nice restaurant. After a very good dinner, some fairly interesting conversation and a few cocktails, he asked me to go to a lounge down the street, for some dancing. I said alright and we walked down to the lounge which was only a block away from the restaurant. We sat at the bar, ordered a drink and listened to the band for a bit. Some friends of his came in and waved in passing. After a while, the conversation got very personal and he was really making advances that I was not ready for, on a first date. I was not responding well. He got up and said he was going to say “hi” to his friends for a minute. After ten or fifteen minutes, I started looking around and just as I did the bartender brought me a drink and said it was from him. I thanked him and sat for another ten minutes or so, waiting. Finally, I got up and walked the direction my date had gone to see his friends. That corner of the lounge was fairly empty and they were nowhere in sight. I went back to the bar and asked the bartender how much we owed, he said the bill had been paid. So, I was stuck, downtown without a ride home. I had to call a cab, it cost me over $30.00 to get home.

Nothin’ but class

December 10th, 2011 by Mickey (Abilene, KS)

He showed up over an hour early and I wasn’t even dressed. Then we went to the movie (also really early) and we ended up having to wait about 20 minutes before they would even let us into the theater. The movie ended up being FULL of explicit sex scenes which just made it really awkward since it was a first date. Then when we went out for drinks afterward, I got a much stronger drink than I should have, and while tipsy, I talked about my ex and also fell in front of an oncoming car. When he took me home, I realized I had locked myself out of my apartment, and he ended up having to break in, which he did a little too easily. When he got ready to leave, instead of a kiss, I got a fist bump from him. It was stellar. We did NOT go out again.

the gay bar

June 19th, 2011 by creepy? (cambridge, ma)

i went with a friend to a gay bar last night; i’m not gay, but he and his friends told me that there are plenty of women who go, and that straight guys do really well, since the women are friendlier and there is little competition. he was right that there were plenty of women. he and i started dancing near a group containing a really cute woman; she looked over, wrinkled her nose, and walked away. apparently, i’m even creepy in a gay bar.

The Hot Guys are in the Other Room

June 6th, 2011 by Alex (Washington DC)

I went to a social event for a student group that was held at a local bar. I was standing near the door between two rooms in the bar talking to a friend, when two girls walked by. One continued into the next room, and the other said hello and we started to talk. After about a minute, her friend came back. Saying only “hey, I found the hot guys; they’re in the other room,” she grabbed the girl I was taking to and they both left. Neither made eye contact with me.

No Really, I’m not Gay

May 28th, 2011 by Hetero (Dallas TX)

It’s not so bad when a woman makes a mistake and thinks you’re gay. I take it as a bit of a compliment, since the stereotype is that gay men are usually cultured, in shape, and good dressers. What is annoying is when a girl you’re talking to says she thinks you’re gay, and then tries to argue her point when you tell her that you’re not. What’s even worse is when she finds you at the bar, half an hour later, and resumes to argue that you’re gay.