About 1-800-GET-LOST

Welcome to 1-_800-_GET-_LOST, a blog dedicated to sharing your stories of embarrassing romantic rejections and disastrous dates. Remember the time you asked that new girl at work out for a drink and she laughed at you in front of the entire sales department? Or that time your date forgot his wallet and you had to pull a fire alarm to sneak out of the restaurant? We want to hear about it! 1-_800-_GET-_LOST is a fun place to anonymously share these stories with others, and read about other people’s worst romantic calamities.

If you think your love life is a joke, or that no one has ever suffered as much embarrassment at the hands of the opposite (or the same) sex as you, take a minute to look through our posts. We bet you’ll discover one thing: you’re not alone! The idea (and the name of the blog) came from a particularity cruel rejection (you can read about it here), and we discovered that many people have stories about their romantic conquests that are just begging g to be told. Contained within are the stories that are usually only shared with close friends (and occasionally with no one at all). You can feel confident sharing them here; after all, it’s anonymous!

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