Creepy Doesn’t Quite Adequately Describe Him…

March 2nd, 2012 by Ruby (Seatte, WA)

I once met a guy on a social networking website when I was somewhat desperate and lonely after a break up from my 3 year relationship with an ex boyfriend. This guy seemed amazing! We had so many things in common. He had the same awesome sense of humor as myself and really did make me laugh. Finally, after begging for awhile, he emailed me a picture of himself. He looked so cute, dressed up in some silly 1900’s gangster costume in a sepia posed picture. He said it was an old Halloween pic someone took of him. As we were getting closer to meeting, though, some things were beginning to make very little sense. He said he was my age, 27, but he sounded on the phone like a guy in his forties. Finally, he admitted the picture from Halloween wasn’t even himself. Once I told him how I felt about that, he started making some crazy talk about his ex wife and not being in control and other random things. Before we even established our first date, this faux 40 year old embittered man lied to me, sobbed into the phone, and generally put me off dating for a very long time. I still haven’t attempted it since then.

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