Too Cool for School (Dances)

February 4th, 2012 by Rico (Alabama)

Well I had this huge crush on this beautiful girl in high school. She also kind of had a thing for me! Well we decided we were too cool for the senior prom… at least I thought we decided that. Some jerk asked her to the prom and she said yes. Wow. I was so sad and angry and hormonal. After many nights of bad dreams and cold sweats, I ran to my father and asked him to rent me a Tuxedo. It must have been the day before the prom. I showed up nervous and sweaty and upset, and saw my future girlfriend dancing with this guy. I watched it for a good forty-five minutes before I ran out and took a cab home. The sad thing is that she probably would have rather been there with me, but I was too much of a baby to see it.

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