No, I SWEAR I’m not a Stalker!!

February 20th, 2012 by bpstyles (Paramus, NJ)

I was managing a restaurant in Paramus on a Saturday afternoon and a beautiful girl was there. After spending some time at the table doing my job (chatting with the customers), she left … but came back to give me her number. Awesome! I quickly realized that I lost the number. The whole waitstaff is tearing the place apart trying to find it, all for naught. Like a lunatic – and on a summer day – I returned the next day with a mask, protective suit, and gloves and go dumpster diving for about half an hour. This was right next to the train platform, so everyone got to see me diving through the dumpster like a maniac. Sadly, the number did not turn up. However, I did know where she worked; at a school. There were only four schools in the city so I drove to each one, asking around. Oddly enough, what I thought would be considered embarrassing was warmly received by the staff members. On the fourth attempt, I finally found the right school. The principal was not terribly happy with my quest, but I managed to convince her that I am not a sociopath and she agreed to pass on my number. I soon got a phone call and we agreed to meet but on top of her being extremely skittish about showing up (she was scared I was a stalker) and just a horrible chemistry, the date went south even quicker than I would have imagined.

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