What ever Happened to Truth in Advertising?

January 27th, 2012 by Dawn (Cambridge, Ohio)

I met a man online named Carl. Carl described himself as tall, medium build and handsome. He sent me pictures and we talked for months. One day we were talking on the telephone and we decided to be spontaneous and meet each other the next day. We decided upon a time and place and made plans for the following day. I spent a couple of hours getting ready and trying to shake off the butterflies in my stomach. I got in my car and traveled to the agreed upon destination. I picked a table in the restaurant and waited for my tall handsome man to walk in. After about ten minutes a man walked up to me. I thought this man was lost. I asked him if he needed my help with something and he said no sweetie I am Carl and it is nice to finally meet you. I believe that my mouth hit the ground. Carl was not my Carl. This Carl was about 5 foot ten and chunky. On top of all this he was balding. I hurried through dinner and changed my phone number afterwards.

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