The Downer

January 16th, 2012 by Felicia (Salem, Oregon)

Before I met my husband, I was seeing this guy, let’s call him Donny. We met through a popular dating website that’s supposed to match you up with people with which you are compatible. I am not sure what he put on his application, but he was really toxic. We met up, really casual, out for coffee and then a stroll through a mall I hadn’t been to in years. I was really looking forward to it and feeling really positive based on all of our communications thus far. Not even a half hour into the date, and this guy hates on every woman he sees. “She’s wearing too much perfume. Should that girl be wearing that? Wow, is she ugly!” I kid you not! Then, at the end of the date, he proceeded to tell me everything that was wrong with me. I could only sit there stunned. Why did he even want to go with me in the first place? What a woman-hater. I ran for the hills after that date. No way would I go out with him again. Thankfully, I knew there were plenty of guys out there that still love women.

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