Too Shy

December 31st, 2011 by Lizzy (Columbia, MO)

One time, I met a seemingly super nice, talkative, and sweet boy on a random social networking website. We happened to be from the same town and new a few of the same people, but had never met in person. We chit chatted on the phone for a couple of weeks, and sent tons of flirty text messages. We’d pretty much agreed we were on the fast track to a real relationship, but obviously needed to meet in person first. Once we agreed upon a date and decided to meet, it couldn’t have been more awkward! We both brought friends with us to help with the awkwardness but even that didnt diffuse the tension. We hung out at a park with friends for a few hours and barely spoke or made eye contact. Then, it started pouring rain so everyone left quickly. The boy and I barely even said goodbye to one another! After that, we pretty much agreed we were WAY too shy and agreed to try again, but never met up. I was super bummed over the rejection, but it happens.

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