The Power Play

November 28th, 2011 by Frank (Minneapolis, MN)

I had a crush on this girl named Kelly. We had hung out a few times, and were talking on the phone pretty frequently. I decided that I was going to make a move on her the night before I was leaving town for 3 months. She agreed to hang out, and we were getting pretty serious while we were watching a hockey game on TV. During the second intermission, she gets a phone call from her ex-boyfriend. She ends up talking to him, with me sitting next to her on the couch, for the rest of the game. I sat awkwardly watching the post-post game, waiting for her to get done talking to him, however she agreed to head over to his apartment. She hung up, and was getting ready to leave and she told me I was welcome to hang out watching the game at her place. I went from making out with the girl I liked, to having he leave to go hang out with her ex-boyfriend in the matter of 20 minutes.

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