The Liar

November 28th, 2011 by Nunu (Dallas, Texas)

I met a guy on a dating website and he claimed to be a big time radio personality, millionaire and famous. I thought it sounded bogus, but he sounded so confident in what he was saying I just didn’t think it possible that someone could make up something in such detail and not have any guilt about lying about virtually everything about himself. When I met him he bought me a gift, which was a phone, which I thought was a little bizarre to bring as a gift, but I just dismissed it and thought maybe he was just trying to be nice. Secondly, (which just to be clear I do not care what kind of car he drives) he told me he would be picking me up in a mercedes benz. He picked me up in a kia. Long story short, he lied about everything. I know I should have known better, I just didn’t think someone could be that creepy to go to those lengths to make up such a bogus story. Turns out I was on was on every girl’s nightmare date, the guy who is a pathological lier. One thing I learned is to trust your gut instinct if someone sounds too good to be true just say goodbye and never look back!

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