September 28th, 2010 by Alex (San Francisco, CA, USA)

I joined an online dating site for a short while. At one point I wasn’t having a lot of success, so I took the low effort spam approach. I sent the same short intro message to 20 women. I got one response. To my astonishment, the woman who wrote back with the most attractive one I had come across on the site — a certifiable 10. I was excited. Her message was long, and she wrote about something funny that happened to her that day, and asked me questions. I eagerly wrote back an equally long response the next day, matching her enthusiasm of my own. I was excited when I saw I had a reply the next morning. I opened it and read, “Oops. Sorry, I sent that message to the wrong person. I was trying to message my boyfriend. Have a good day!” I did not have a good day.

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