Single and desp.

September 13th, 2010 by NoBlindDates (Boston, MA)

When your grandparents set you up on a blind date and you actually agree it is clear that desperate times call for desperate measures. I was halfway through my second year of college and staying with them over holidays in Florida. I was also single and pretty much failing at meeting anyone. My grandmother told me that she knew of a young man who was staying with his grandparents at a nearby community. All of the 90 year old women she was playing bridge with insisted that they kept mistaking him for a Greek god as he lounged by the pool studying for his GRE’s. Their words, not mine. How romantic…and perverted. So I agree to go on the date, and the gentleman in question was absolutely boring and socially awkward- we went out to dinner and a movie, and during dinner he went over the bill item by item with the waitress to make sure everything was correct and we were not overpaying. Also, reports on his physique had come through the lens of 1950’s America and he was in fact quite flabby. So while I was unimpressed during our date, I assumed that the feeling could not be mutual and that he must be awed and impressed by how amazing and attractive I was compared to him. What a lucky guy! At the end of the night I decided to throw him and bone and give him a kiss. Turns out, he must have thought I was pretty unpalatable too because he pushed me away and gave me a look of total disgust, followed by him shaking his head to say no. Honestly, the look of disgust was enough; did he really have to shake his head too?

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